Nutty Buddy (Almond Iced Coffee Recipe)

More and more, coffee lovers are turning to cold drinks, especially in the heat of the summer. Rather than seeking the perfect cold brew from a local shop, create your own. You can store a concentrate in your refrigerator and add it to your drink later, along with the rest of the ingredients.

Coffee tends to have a nutty taste to it anyway, so adding almond just brings out that underlying hint.

12oz freshly ground coffee
2-3 cups cold brew concentrate
1/4 t almond extract per 2 cups of concentrate
Iced Coffee
Almond Milk
Sugar to taste

There’s nothing complicated about this delicious iced coffee recipe. Simply measure out approximately 2 cups of cold brew concentrate – which you can find pretty much anywhere these days, but I indulged in a store-bought version from Stumptown – a favorite roaster of mine. However you can make your concentrate at home. I’ve included that bit below.

Next, mix 1/4 t almond extract into your concentrate and freeze in an ice cube tray for 4-6 hours, preferably overnight.

Step 3, make (or buy!) iced coffee. I used the excuse to get myself a Chemex and make some good pour-over coffee and put it in the fridge for four hours.

Finally, fill a high ball with your coffee concentrate ice cubes, pour your iced coffee until the glass is about 2/3’s full and then fill the rest with your favorite almond milk. Give it a mix and enjoy! The almond flavor will intensify as your ice cubes melt. As will your level of caffeination so watch out.

Home-made cold brew concentrate: combine 12 oz freshly ground coffee and gradually add 7 cups cold water in a jar or bowl and stir gently until all coffee is moistened. Let sit covered in cheese cloth at room temperature for at least 8 hours or overnight.

The next morning, line a fine mesh sieve with the cheese cloth and pour mixture through into a clean pitcher to strain coffee concentrate, removing all the grinds. Clean out the jar you just used and put a coffee filter in your sieve. Pour your coffee through the filter into the jar. This could take up to 30-45 minutes for it all to drip through. Store the cold coffee in a sealed jar in the fridge.